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What Attracted Over 1M People to Use Our Mobile App?

Mobile app for prayers? Why not. Stress, work responsibilities, an overload of duties, and myriad other commitments are not conducive to focusing and prayer. Among us, there are many people who, despite having a small amount of free time, still want to have God’s word with them. We create mobile application development for iOS and Android to make the Holy Bible always at hand.

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Holy Bible is an interactive app guide for Catholics. It features an intuitive admin dashboard and a handy prayer book at the same time. The idea of creating an application arose from a desire to share the content of the Bible with Catholics spread across the world. The application was created as an internal project. While creating the application we want to provide the opportunity to read the Holy Bible on your phone or another remote device. Regardless of where you are. End-users of the app are people who want to have the Holy Bible always at hand.




The Holy Bible app allows you to read the Holy Scriptures in any way – continuous or selected fragments. You can add fragments to your favourites or create marking lines with a marker. The application allows you to go to the readings of the Catholic Church liturgy for each day, with direct access to the current day. It also contains a systematically extended list of popular prayers. Importantly, the Holy Bible does not require an internet connection and does not display advertising.

The application includes:

  • the Bible text of the Day with comments, audio version and font settings
  • the Holy Bible in the full version, displaying at the place you finished last time
  • prayers dedicated to different intentions, needs, events or people
  • a prayer’s plan – easy scheduling for the next read
  • Twitter quotes from Pope Francis
  • interesting live facts about the Holy Patron of the Day with audio version (reading of the day, prayer, breviary)

You can use it to prepare for the sacrament of confession (includes an examination of conscience) or to pray while driving a car or cooking dinner, because reading or breviary can also be downloaded in audio versions.



The application was written in Java, Android and Django Python for iOS, Android and Windows devices. A team of 5 developers, testers and scrum master worked on this app. 


Here you can download the app.



Without a doubt, the biggest challenge is obtaining copyrights for translation of the Holy Bible into other languages at mobile app. Such as German, Italian, and Spanish.

The tool is meant to be a help for missionaries working at various corners of the world, so a lot of different translations are involved.




Finally, over 500,000 downloads and 3 updates that extend the functionality of the application. After all thousands of Catholics around the world regularly use the app- this is our greatest success.

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