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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2022🎄✨🥂

Thank you for the common year 2021. We are together and we are building our organization together. You guys did a great job! 💪

Special thanks to you for:
– every improvement that you introduced to your workshop, thanks to which you had greater satisfaction and comfort of work,
– each acquired skill deepening your high specialization, thanks to which the client was satisfied with the high quality of the service provided,
– obtained certificates, thanks to which you have become credible in terms of your image as co-workers at the client’s, and the organization will help in reaching a higher level with our partners,
– every conversation in which you did not give up trying to convince the client to pay off the technical debt, despite the fact that clients often objected and did not initially understand why it was so important, thanks to which you efficiently delivered the functionality and thus ended the day thinking – ‘I made a joke today good job! ‘,
– each directing the client to – in your opinion – the best business priorities, thanks to which you had the satisfaction that your ‘piece of code’ helps real people,
– organizationally structured project, thanks to which you helped yourself, others and we ensured a certain tomorrow,
– automatic tests (most of them are carried out with the BDD trend 🙂) and manual tests, thanks to which we were all less nervous about production errors,
– every comment that allowed someone to improve their engineering workshop,
– thinking about good architecture, designing and implementing it later, thanks to which a teammate has fewer ‘WTF’ moments when adding new functionality,
– extracted code for a well-named function in the software, thanks to which we did not have to guess what the author of the code meant,
– posting your work environments on docker, thanks to which we had less inconsistency in the operation of the application in production (less stress),
– production releases made in the morning from Monday to Thursday – thanks to which nobody has to stress in the evening and on weekends,
– using the correct GitLab functionalities, thanks to which your work was even more effective,
– meetings ended on time, thanks to which we did not have to explain our delays at other meetings,
– people recruited to our company, thanks to whom we had a more peaceful work in projects,
– completed processes of verifying the competencies of new people, thanks to which we were able to accept only the best colleagues to our company,
– support in solving various problems, thanks to which we continue to sit at one table,
– every integration meeting was organized where we could talk and get to know each other as people, not just team members,
– each ‘Academy’ meeting for which we were prepared, thanks to which we made progress,
– the grassroots initiative of regular Lightning Talks meetings, thanks to which we could change our point of view #changeMyMind
– making a good impression outside the company in social media, industry websites, and on our website, thanks to which customers and new associates were more willing to talk to us,
– each case study thanks to which clients found out about working with us,
– bringing customers to our company who are hungry for our services, thanks to which we have something to do,
– effectively conducted pre-sale technical consultations that led to a happy ending – the use of our services,
– well-prepared material for pre-sale technical consultations, thanks to which we could use our substantive knowledge, worry less about deficiencies – in documents and we did not have to sit at meetings with the client, which did not contribute much from a technical perspective,
– each correctly entered record in the work time reporting tools, thanks to which we were able to generate a report on hours for the client,
– each smoothly closed month, thanks to which we did not have to worry about delays in issuing invoices,
– each dispute that ended with a happy solution, thanks to which we could get a different perspective on the matter,
– the respect for each other was shown, which made the other person feel worthy and ended the day well.

Have a quiet holiday, free from thinking about work. Spend this time with your loved ones, recharge your batteries. We will see you again in 2022!

Marta Miszczak
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