Fun with VR and Stermedia Team Building

The end of the carnival is a great opportunity to spend time together chatting, have some munchies and indulge in playing mesmerizing virtual reality. MagicVR  Amusement & Theme Park was the rendezvous point in Wroclaw where we met after five days of hard work to relax and talk about everything fun and cool but not about IT projects! We quickly split into 3 groups and ... the first group positioned behind the e-steering wheel of the cars to race each other on a special virtual racetrack. The second group put on their Gears of War with e-backpacks and e-rifles, fiercely defended the nuclear power plant against massive zombie attacks. At the end, it seems that the third group that watched the two groups had the most fun :)) ! Here you could hold the brake pedal or grab the shooter by the ankle. After two hours of hiding in the nooks and crannies of virtual reality, we were invaded and shot by the zombies. All the guys Stermedia team were excited and energized... there was so much to talk about!  Everyone had a the get together was a great hit!  Everyone is already wondering when it will be next ...

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